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Prickle scarves  - The Camo
Prickle scarves  - The Camo

Tropical Popical

Prickle scarves - The Camo


Prickle prints are made from sex toys that are layered and arranged until the toys are no longer visible and in their place are floral arrangements and eye-catching patterns that explore the contradiction between sex toys’ secretiveness and their aesthetic. Each print aims to explore and capture a different type of joy. These are then printed onto grade AA silk twill to create luxurious silk scarves which is amongst the highest quality on the market. Chosen for its exceptional print vibrancy, drape and handle.

The Camo

Inspired by Art deco wallpaper, vibrator fans are layered over a sea of butt plugs creating a camouflage effect hiding the toys in plain sight.

100% grade AA silk twill.
Black border with matching hem.

Available in;
Large 90x90 -

Medium 50x50 - 50

Slim 100x16 - 45